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Interview Q & A

Below are the Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions which I have consolidated based on my real time experience.

I will update the answers as soon as possible.

Startup :
  • Tell me about yourself
  • What's your Day to Day activity
  • Why are you looking for change?

Patching :
  • adpatch process
  • Hot patch? suppose the patch size is 15 MB ..can we apply hotpatch?
  • How will you skip worker during patch ? 
  • Database status while applying opatch?
  • What are things you do to reduce patch timing ?
  • opatch process?
  • What are various options available with adpatch ?
  • When you apply C driver patch does it require database to be Up and Why ?
  • What is the difference between adpatch and opatch
  • I am applying patch using adpatch,after that i come to know that i forgot to apply pre-requisite patch? what will you do?
  • I am applying patch can I open another session in another node and run adpatch ?
  • How to enable maintenance mode in R12 and What exactly happens when you put an Oracle Apps instance in maintenance mode ? 
  • Before applying patch, I forgot to take count of invalid objects. now how to check what was count of invalids?

General :
  • There are lot of DBC file under $FND_SECURE, How its determined that which dbc file to use from $FND_SECURE ?
  • How to see the contents of application dbc file without login into putty
  • What is the difference between Context file and Autoconfig?
  • What will happen if ICM goes down?
  • Can we delete ICM?
  • cmclean ? when it is used?
  • How many OC4J services are ther in R12?
  • How to add additional node into existing configuration?
  • What is difference between ICM, Standard Managers and CRM in Concurrent Manager ?
  • What is the difference between SOCKET and SERVLET mode?
  • Difference between 11i and R12
  • How to retrieve context file in oracle apps/DB?
  • Is there separate Report server in R12?
  • What is the use of OPMN in Oracle apps?
  • How to change apps password?
  • What are the mandatory users in Oracle apps? applsyspub,applsys,apps
  • Suppose my concurrent manager status is showing Inactive ? what is the reason ?
  • How to know how many forms sessions are opened?
  • How the connectivity happens from EBS application to Database?
  • By mistake I deleted the scripts directory from apps and DB node? what to do now?

R12.2 :
  • How to enable maintainance mode in R12.2?
  • adop phases?

Cloning :
  • Cloning process?
  • How will troubleshoot Login page error that raised after cloning?

Database :
  • How to recreate oracle inventory?
  • How the scan listener works in 11g and how to configure it with EBS R12
  • How to add additional RAC node in existing architecture?
  • How to Add disk in ASM group?

Advanced Configuration:
  • In PCP what will happen to running concurrent request if one pcp node failed where it was running
  • How to create new user similar with SYSADMIN privs and responsibilities in EBS?
  • How to change browser windows title at site level for Oracle applications home page (Note : if candidate says site name profile option then tell him it reflects only on forms session not on browser window, answer given below)
  • How to check alert log without touching alert_SID.log or without login to putty filesystem.
  • How to see the contents of application dbc file without login into putty?
  • What will happen if you bounce apache service only?
  • What will happen if you bounce oacore services?

  • How will you troubleshoot long running request?
  • What is the difference between explain plan and execution plan?
  • Can we get a execution plan after completion of SQL query?

Managerial Questions:
  • You are working in a team..How will you prove that you are a good DBA?
  • You are fully loaded due to work and one day you get 3-4 hours free time then what you will do in that free time related to work?
And few questions based on your projects like - Oracle EBS upgradation,PCP/Load Balancer/DMZ Configuration, Oracle Data Guard, RAC Configuration with EBS etc.

Best Luck :)


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